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Complimentary English-Vietnamese translation Notarized for students

Thursday, 10 December 2015 / VNC Vietnamese Learning
  Complimentary English-Vietnamese  Notarized translation for students Xin chào * You will get a notarized complimentary translation from English into Vietnamese for a set of 3 personal legal documents such as your passport, diploma(s) and driving license when enrolling a Vietnamese language course of 36...

Get a Vietnamese language class for Free

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 / Administrator
  Get a Vietnamese language class for Free   Estimated time: Saturdays, 10.45 - 11.45 am Location: VNC Vietnamese Language Centre Participants: anyone who wants to practise speaking Vietnamese. Advance booking is required. Tel: 08.66780914/ 0917 177 169 Email:

Learning Vietnamese Language by reading

Saturday, 12 May 2012 / Administrator
Vietnamese Sayings (P2) Trèo cao té đau Trèo=climb, cao=high, té=to fall/fell over, đau= sore, hurt The greater you climb, the greater you fall. Tay làm hàm nhai Tay= hand, làm= working, hàm =  jaw, nhai= to chew/to masticate/to ruminate No pains, no gains Tham thì thâm T...

Studying Vietnamese Language by writing

Saturday, 12 May 2012 / Administrator
Studying Vietnamese Language by writing   BẢN GỐC / ORIGINAL ĐÃ SỬA / REVISED Ở Mỹ, giáo dục gia đình không lồi lên hơn văn hóa Việt Nam. Tuy nhiên, các bài học trông nhà còn quan trọng. Tôi nghĩ là giáo dục nhà của tôi tốt và chuẩn bị tôi sống một mình, có trách nhiệm cho tôi. Hai con gái dạy tôi tính kiên nhẫn, và cố gáng bình tĩnh k...

Foreign consulates in Vietnam

Saturday, 08 September 2012 / Administrator
Foreign consulates in Vietnam Foreign consulates in Vietnam Algerian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam Embassy of Algeria in Hanoi, Vietnam 13 Phan Chu Trinh Hanoi, Vietnam City: Hanoi Phone: (844) 38253865 (844) 39332151 Fax: (844) 38260830 Email:   Argentinian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam Embassy of Argentina in...

64 Provinces and Cities in Vietnam

Saturday, 08 September 2012 / Administrator
64 Provinces and Cities in Vietnam  1 An Giang province 2 Đắc Lắk province 3 Đắc Nông province 4 Đồng Nai province 5 Đồng Tháp province 6 Đà Nẵng province http...

Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam & Vietnamese Embassies in other countries

Saturday, 08 September 2012 / Administrator
Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam & Vietnamese Embassies in other countries   Country   Foreign Embassy in Vietnam Vietnam Embassy abroad Albania 49 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi  Tel: 84-4-8253865  Tirana, Tel 2556, Telex 2253 AMBRSV AB Algeria 12 Phan Chu Trin...


Michael Ainsley

Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Zinc Consulting Services 17 October 2012 To Whom it May Concern Testimonial for Ms Wendy Lee (VNC Language Centre) Over the past 2 years I have engaged the services of VNC/Ms Wendy Lee on a number of occasions, primarily to assist with English-Vietnamese translation of seminar presentation material from English to Vietnamese (brochures, power-point slides) and in assisting with the necessary communications involved in arranging seminar events within Vietnam. In addition, VNC has provided me a simultaneous translator whilst speaking at seminars as well as assisting with translation at various business meetings in Vietnam. My work is of a technical sales/marketing nature in the engineering field. I have at all times found VNC to provide a prompt, efficient and high quality professional service. I appreciate their methodical approach and the fact that they are very responsive to changing needs as may arise from time to time, sometimes at short notice. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending VNC to you should you be seeking a competent and professional English-Vietnamese translation service. Sincerely Michael Ainsley (B Applied Science, PhD) Zinc Consulting Services 64 Sackville St., Montmorency, Victoria Australia

Greg Daniel

Thursday, 01 November 2012

I have been working and living in Vietnam for 2 years and recently I extended my contract. During my previous 2 years here, I did not bother learning Vietnamese language because most of my colleagues all wanted to speak English with me. Recently, I signed on for a further period in Vietnam, so I decided it was my turn to learn Vietnamese. My goal is to hold some very basic conversation with people and use this to assist me with my day to day life here in Vietnam. I found the VNC Language Centre on the internet and contacted the school in regards to my requirements. Since my enrolment almost 2 months ago, I have developed enough skills to hold some very basic conversations. It is amazing the difference it makes when the local people understand that you are making an effort to speak their language. As soon as I attempt conversation, people begin smiling and want to converse with me. ... It’s a great feeling. I have been very happy with the course, the flexibility it provides me with and the professional way it has been delivered

Gary Sciscent

Thursday, 01 November 2012

I had the good fortune to study Vietnamese at VNC Language Training School for 3 weeks in January 2011 and 2 weeks in June 2011 and found the experience to be very positive. The school is conveniently located in the central business district of downtown Saigon and offers flexible teaching hours. In my case, I had already studied some Vietnamese and the school quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses and designed a program to improve my Vietnamese speech and listening comprehension. My teacher, cô Thuy, was a specialist in teaching Vietnamese as a Second Language and this is an important and vital distinction that foreign students should look for in any school they attend. I believe VNC represents a excellent value for the students' investment, and, as always is the case, progress is maximized when the student diligently follows up with daily practice and exercises. Overall I left the school with improved speaking and listening abilities, expanded vocabulary, and a more confident speaker as well as more knowledgeable of the Vietnamese culture. I would heartily recommend VNC to any new or continuing students of the Vietnamese language.

Wai-Lam Chan

Thursday, 01 November 2012

It has been my great pleasure to study Vietnamese language at VNC. They arranged classes for me according to my schedule, which is very comfortable. And my teachers are great. I have learn new grammars and lots of new vocabularies. The location is great, it is so close to downtown. All in all I have learn a lot of Vietnamese and about Vietnamese culture here and it's so much fun.

Reinhard Nothaft - Germany

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Starting to learn the Vietnamese laguage in March 2012, I had during all my lessons a wonderful time at VNC although learning needs lot of effort and energy. With the friendly and patient support to get to learn the Vietnamese language by the teacher, such difficult language as Vietnamese, especially for western peope, it is a great experience to enter that area. It opens you a wide field of new and unknown cultural discovery. The VNC homepage reflects the friendly spirit.

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